AfterHours Dance Studio

After Hours,  Orange County's Newest Home for Dancers ages 15 and up!! 

Get into the Groove Monday through Thursday Nights with us at AfterHours. A Dance Studio




9:00am Intermediate Hip Hop

This class combines hard hitting modern hip-hop with the silky groove of old school R&B to create dance combos that feel good on the body but still challenge the brain. As a lover of individuality and personal style, Matt encourages those who come to find their own soul within the choreography and have fun experimenting with the movement. 

6:00 pm Beginning Hip Hop

A perfect class for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Hip Hop Dance. This class is ideal for the new dancer. You will learn isolations, groove, foot work and more!

7:15 pm Beginning Dance Fundamentals

Learn all the basics you need to succeed in a higher level classes. Never danced before? This is the perfect class for you! In dance fundamentals, dancers will learn technical dance basics going across and center floor. This class focuses on jazz technique coming from a ballet background. Dancers will learn turns, leaps and progressions across the floor that are most common in many dance classes.

8:30 pm Int/Adv. Strut Hip Hop (Heels Optional)

A Sexy, Sassy, Fierce, Hip Hop Class.




7:45 am Yoga Dance Flow

9:00 am Ballet Floor Barre

6:00 pm Open Level Broadway Jazz

Broadway to Pantages, this class offers all the moves you would see on the big stage! Broadway dance will focus on learning proper technique while dancing combos choreographed to broadway songs old and new. Emphasis is placed on performance skills such as connecting with the audience and facial expressions. The class is offered as an open level class but some dance experience is strongly recommended. Class curriculum includes traditional jazz technique with a proper warm-up, stretches, and quick across-the-floor progressions. If you love broadway and want to come have a good time, this class is for you.

7:15 pm Int. Hip Hop

A full out experience of contemporary, stylistic hip hop. Intricate in detail while embodying confidence, personality, & a little sass! 

 8:30 pm Beg/Int. Jazz Funk

If Jazz and Hip Hop had a baby... this is it! A spicy mix of hip hop elements & fluidity. Musicality & details are a focus to help progress to advanced levels. 


7:45 am Vinyasa Flow Yoga

9:00 am Beginning Strut Hip Hop

6:00pm Beginning Lyrical

Come get all in your feels! No dance experience needed. Class starts with an easy to follow warm up complete stretch and strengthening. 5-10 minutes will be spent on basic dance technique. The last 20-30 minutes of class will be dedicated to a combination full of musicality and emotion.

7:15 pm Beg/Int. Hip Hop

Beginner/Intermediate Hip-Hop class incorporates grooves, isolations, musicality, and textures. Ricky usually teaches the same combo two weeks in a row, in order to build and clean the choreography. He likes to teach to a diversity of music, but his go to is 90’s and early 2000’s hip-hop and R&B. Ricky’s goal is to keep the class fun and to make sure everyone feels comfortable and confident with the way their own bodies move. No pressure, no judgement, no sweat...well maybe some sweat!

8:30 pm Intermediate Heels

Sexy movement. Previous dance experience highly recommended.



9:00 am All Level Jazz Fusion

This morning class with high energy and fun movement will wake you up. Come experience the foundation of dance with a little added style. For the dancer that's been around the block. 

6:00 pm Int/Adv. Hip Hop

This class features movement you would see on music videos and tours. Vibe with us to what's happening now.

 7:15 pm Flexibility Training

Work on gaining flexibility and strength you never knew you had.8:30 pm

8:30 pm Beginning Hip Hop

A perfect class for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Hip Hop Dance. This class is ideal for the new dancer. You will learn isolations, groove, foot work and more!


9:00 am Beg/Int. Contemporary Lyrical

This class is a mixture of technique and movement. The warm up starts with stretching and strengthening. Then we move across the floor and lastly into a combo. Contemporary is almost like all of the styles mixed into one unique form. It focuses on musicality, floor work, movement qualities and expression. Combos will be taught for two weeks. 

6:00 pm Open Level Burlesque (No dance experience necessary)

All level burlesque is for beginners through people with dance experience and instead of being super "technique focused", it is taught from a body-positive approach.  Burlesque is more about feeling good in your own body.  Students are encouraged to wear heels, but not all of them do.  Combo changes weekly - new moves, new music, new opportunity to find what makes you feel empowered! 

7:15 pm Restorative Yoga


8:30am Cardio Hip Hop Burn

This high energy Hip Hop class is full of the latest moves set to popular music. This is a non-stop dance party with a 10-15 minute butt, ab and arm tone section. You will leave this class sweaty!

9:45pm Beginning Tap

11:00am Intermediate Sassy Jazz


8:30am Dance Conditioning

Dance Conditioning is geared towards exercising some of the most important muscles used while you dance.  There is a strong focus on core, booty, and legs, as well as, technique to work your arms to support the beautiful lines we create through dance!  The class does build upon exercises, combining technique and drilling repetition to go after that burn to make you stronger. If you’re looking for an abs, booty, legs and arms blast, this is the class for you!!

9:45 am Intermediate Contemporary  

The focus in this contemporary class is mostly movement and musicality. There are usually technical elements but you do not need to have crazy technique to thrive in this class. Come ready to try new things. We do a new combo every week.

11:00 am All Level Hip Hop

In all level hip hop we focus on fun, simple grooves, musicality, and pick up. We do a new combo every week and keep it upbeat. No experience needed just come have a good time! 



Open Level = All Levels Welcome, some dance experience recommended