AfterHours Dance Studio

After Hours,  Orange County's Newest Home for Dancers ages 15 and up!! 

Get into the Groove Monday through Thursday Nights with us at AfterHours. A Dance Studio




AfterHours was created to give people a place to step out of their comfort zones and grow as dancers and as humans. 

Pam Wainer and I were talking over lunch about how much we missed Jimmie DeFore Dance Center. We had noticed that everyone was so spread out and many had stopped dancing. Missing the community we once had and motivated by our love of dance we decided to take matters into our own hands. 

We proudly launched a month after that conversation!

Whether you danced as a kid, are a seasoned dancer or a first timer we have a class for you! We pride ourselves on building a community of dancers who are friendly, supportive and talented.

As the owner of AfterHours, I strive to bring the dance community together in anyway possible.

Shawn Vitale